The KNCTR Free Calling Software (Review)

KNCTR is an amazing software that has both entertainment and communication features all rolled up in one. The software is simply downloaded as an application onto your PC and has a variety of cool features that will simply blow your mind away. Some of the entertainment features that are included on KNCTR include movie trailers, technology news, news updates, celebrity gossips etc. You simply cannot get bored when using this amazing software.

The following is a KNCTR- free calling software (review)

The world has become a global village with a lot of people traveling frequently across different countries. This make communication very important as these people spend a lot of time away from their loved ones. Calling overseas is not only challenging due to poor network but also very expensive hence the need for an alternative. The KNCTR software is one such alternative that has been used by many people for making free phone calls online  to their loved ones while incurring no cost at all It is a wonderful piece of technology that has changed many lives.

The core function of KNCTR is for both long and short distance communication The software allows its users to make calls to both mobile and landlines across North America free of charge. The fact that the service is free gives it an age over its competitors as it offers not only a free service but also great quality. To simply put it provides both communication and entertainment at a click of a button.

Using KNCTR is fairly simple all you have to do is download the software to your PC and install it. This can be done by visiting the KNCTR website and going to free downloads. After you finish downloading the software install it on your PC, and you are good to go. The software gives its users the opportunity to always stay in touch with there loved once at any time of the day. You are simply able to call both mobile and landlines totally free of charge at any time of the day how cool is that. The only requirement to use the service is a steady internet connection and a headset that you will use to communicate to your loved ones.

Other features

KNCTR users can also be able to install the software on their laptops or notebooks a fact that makes it easier to use while traveling. This is quite convenient as users are able to use the software while traveling by simply opening up their notebooks and making calls to whoever they chose. After you install the application on your notebook simply fill in the free phone form and once its done you will be able to enjoy all the features of KNCTR.

Another amazing feature of KNCTR is its ability to display videos at the click of a button. Users are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment as there are a number of things to do to keep you entertained Users can view the celebrity news channel to get the latest news and gossips about Hollywood celebrities. If that’s not enough the software has an amazing feature that allows users to watch trailers of upcoming movies. This is one feature I can use all day long. The good thing about KNCTR is that all these features are loaded within the same page without having to open other pages. How cool is that. You are also able to enjoy these amazing features without paying a cent.

When it comes to KNCTR features, things just get better. Other additional benefits and features include the following;

Getting tired of a cluttered desktop? Well KNCTR is all you need. Its users are able to free their desktops by bringing all their social network sites into this one application, his helps to free your desktop. The users of this application are also able to browse their Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds quite easily within a centralized place. You will also be able to update your status, and share information by using this amazing application KNCTR gives you a privilege of always being in the loop when it comes to breaking news by constantly updating you on trending topics on twitter from celebrities.