Top Video Editing Software

The rapid technological progress of the last few years has made high quality video cameras and fast computers available to the general masses. Capturing video has become one of the most trivial activities, thus providing a lot of creative people with the means of expressing themselves through video content. This has created the need for powerful, easy to use, consumer grade video editing software, and surely the computer software industry has provided us with many options. With that said, either for casual or professional use, choosing the optimum solution for video editing is not an easy task even for the more initiated users. In today’s article, we will try to show the users which are the pros and cons of some of the most highly regarded video editing applications, thus making the user’s choice much easier.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 12 Deluxe

With its 12th edition out, Cyberlink’s video editor is one of the easiest tools to use and still one of the best, even for professional users. It can edit and record in just about any video format out there. It has a very good rendering performance due to its TrueVelocity 2 rendering engine. PowerDirector features the usage of up to 100 tracks for the use of video, audio, effects, etc, thus making even very complex projects an option. It comes with more than 300 effects and transitions on its own, which will come in handy for most editing projects. Overall, it’s a very good solution. It comes with very powerful tools, and it’s still pretty easy to use PowerDirector 12 is the cheapest option, at 63 dollars.

Adobe Premiere Elements 12

This is the little brother of much more expensive Premiere Pro, which is mostly used by professionals Premiere Elements is more for the casual-enthusiast user. Featuring most of its big brother’s capabilities, it is also very good video editing tool. This software comes with 3 modes of usage: Quick, Guided, Expert. This way the software is very useful no matter how good or bad are the skills of the person utilizing it. It doesn’t support as many video formats as PowerDirector 12 does, but you can still edit video encoded in the most used video formats. Unlike the others, Adobe’s product also runs on Mac OS. Although this more casual consumer oriented piece of editing software, it’s still very powerful tool. The price for Premiere Elements 12 is 100 dollars.

Corel VideoStudio Pro x6

VideoStudio is also pretty good and easy to use editing tool. It’s tailored for intuitive use, with its editing process being divided into 3 steps: Capture, Edit, Share. This application features some of the best time-lapse and stop-motion tools. Corel VideoStudio was the first major general consumer editing tool to come with a stop-motion tool included in the default package With this edition, its stop-motion feature has become even better, with the ability to control a DSLR camera’s settings (such as ISO, white balance, exposure, etc) directly from within the VideoStudio application. Like Premiere Elements, this editor also doesn’t support all the video formats which PowerDirector does. Corel’s video editor comes at 80 dollars.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus

Movie Edit Pro is a very newcomer-friendly application with an easy to use interface, and a useful and versatile tool set. It supports about the same video formats as Premiere and Corel (which will be plenty enough for most users), but it also has the ability to import, export and edit 3D files. This is a welcomed addition for those who want to take their creative skills up into the 3D realm Mobile video editing is also an option using the Magic Movie Edit Touch on a Windows 8 tablet. The default installation doesn’t come with much in terms of templates and video effects; they have to be downloaded after. This program comes at the price of 100 dollars, same as Adobe Elements. Depending on how many features the user wishes the software to include. Magix Movie Edit Pro also has a basic edition at 70 dollars, and a premium one at 130 dollars.

These are some of the top consumer grade video editing software available on the market. Any of these options would provide most video content creators with the necessary tools, but depending on how much money a person has to spend, what platform he or she is running on, and what features would best suit that user, a choice can now be mad.