What is the Best Music Player for PC

Having such a large selection of music players available makes it quite difficult for today’s PC user to choose Music players range from lite user-friendly applications to more tweakable tech-savvy or audiophile oriented software. In the following article, we are going to take a closer look at some of these applications, in the hope of determining which is the best music player for PC users.


Let’s start with one of the oldest and most popular music players out there. Although starting out as a simple mp3 player, it now integrates quite a lot of features. Beside the audio player, it also includes a video player, a web browser, a media library, it has the ability to rip CDs. it can synchronize with a mobile device through USB cable or Wi Fi, and it also features an online radio and tv player. Some might say it has a little to many features. Its user interface is highly customizable. You can find pretty much any kind of skin you can think of out there. By default, it comes with a modern and the classic winamp skin. Over the years, Winamp has changed to meet the user’s needs, and it is still one of the best music players out there.


This is probably the most customizable music player out there, and is often the choice for the more tech-savvy users. It is an extremely lightweight player, very light on resource needs. With the default install you get just the basics, but its true power comes from the vast array of plug-ins and add-ons that can be installed on it. These additional components can extend the player’s functionality to a great degree. With plug-ins, it can play just about any type of audio files you can think of, it can burn CDs, add different audio enhancing techniques and effects, you can customize its interface, it can play audio files from inside a rar or zip archive, etc. The thing to keep in mind is that unlike Winamp, Foobar2000 cannot play video files, it only plays audio.


Created by Apple, this music player is very popular worldwide. It comes with pretty good audio and video playing capabilities, but it does not play any type of file. This application is also a lot less customizable than the others you cannot extend its functionality or change its user interface like you can with Foobar2000, for example. It’s strong point is that it features one of the biggest and most popular online music stores. For 24.99$, you can use the Itunes Match feature, which lets you store your music and other types of media content in the iCIoud, and play it from anywhere. iTunes is also very useful for the Apple products consumers as it is a very useful tool for synchronizing the media content on all Apple devices (such as the iPhone. iPod. etc). It can be also used for creating a backup of your iPhone, updating the software, and unlocking it after you’ve forgotten your passcode.


This little piece of software is also one of the most popular music players. This one, like Foobar, also only plays audio files. It’s got some room for customization, not like Foobar, and you probably won’t be as inclined to add plug-ins to it as it comes pretty well equipped. The default theme is probably trying to whip some llama ass as it is very similar to the old Winamp theme. This is probably one of the least cluttered music player we can find and a very intuitive, user-friendly one. It’s more for people that don’t really want to get their hands dirty and spend hours trying different plug-ins. don’t want much additional functionality, just to be able to play their favorite songs on their PC.

So. with all this said, what is the best music player for PC? Well, it pretty much depends on what that individual PC user wants from it. Winamp is a good all-in-one solution for people that want to be able to do more than just listen to a song, and don’t want to have to tweak the player very much. Foobar2000 is more for an audiophile. or a person who likes to tinker with the software he is using. iTunes is great for Apple users, but not only. It’s also a very good music player. And lastly, Aimp3 is for someone who doesn’t what a cluttered interface, doesn’t want to watch videos, doesn’t need a web browser inside his music player, and just wants to enjoy his songs in a very user-friendly manner.