What is the Best Registry Cleaner? A Look at Several Performance Factors

The speed and performance of a PC is very good when it is new, but it starts having problems as it ages. You do not need to buy a new computer just because it has developed a few problems here and there. Buying a new one won’t be a suitable solution.

Windows registry, at some stage of a computers lifespan, can become faulty, and it is at this time when computer users start asking themselves the question “what is the best registry cleaner? “, and searching for answers to that question It is important to know what the registry is and the role it plays on a PCs performance.

The Windows registry is a directory that stores all the settings for the operating system for Microsoft
Windows. It stores the hardware, software and other settings of the PC. It is the windows registry that runs your PC.

What are the things to note before buying a registry cleaner?

There are a lot of registry cleaners available in the market and all of them claim to be the best registry cleaner for your Windows registry problems. Some of them include; Registry Mechanic, Error Smart, Registry Smart, Registry Fix. Registry Easy and RegCure amongst others. Below are some of the things you should note before buying a registry cleaner.


The main purpose of a registry cleaner is to get rid of unnecessary or redundant files in your computer if you’re using a Microsoft Windows operating system. An effective cleaner should be able to identify these contents, tag them and clean up the registry database. Good cleaners do not just identify the errors but also have the ability to pick out the ones that actually affect the speed of the computer and the performance of the whole system.

Scanning capability

The product you purchase should be able to scan everything under the shade of the sun in order to ensure that your computer is safe, secure and fast.

Ease Of Use

Make sure that the program interface is simply named and easy for the novice to navigate.

Feature Set

Apart from the common features, look for features that take you a step forward and other registry cleaners miss. Check if the program includes features to back up the registry and allows you to create a restore point. This is very useful and can be a lifesaver in the event that your computer suffers a catastrophic failure.

Help and Support

Make sure that the software includes Help Options. The help options in the program are useful and answer a great many of the questions that might be asked about the program. Some programs offer email support from their website and within the program.


Buy software that will address the common Windows safety issues. Certainly you do not want the files you need deleted. Therefore, ensure that the registry you choose is safe when it comes to deleting because some registry cleaners end up deleting files that are needed by the user.


Cheaper cleaners are not exactly one’s best bet. But this doesn’t mean that you need to buy the most expensive program since that is also not an assurance of top performance. The best thing to do is to compare prices, get a hold of the free trials first before making any purchase and ask for recommendations from people who are familiar with these kinds of things.

Brand name

The market is inundated with cleaner brands that have similar sounding names. Some of these names, though, are copies of licensed products and are inferior in quality. You might think that you’re saving money by opting to buy a cheaper one, but the downside is that a poorly made program will likely cause the operation to slowdown and even cause your computer to crash.

What are the qualities the best registry cleaner should have so as eliminate computer crash errors, freezes,free slow computer problems and other computer related challenges that come due to lack of registry repair?

Easy To Download and Free Scanning Tool;

The registry should be very easy to download and not require registration to get it. You should be able to try the software without the privacy invasion that comes with providing your email or other contact information. Part of the free and private download process is to have a free scan available. The scan should be a regular full or deep scan and not a surface level trial version. The scan results should be the same whether or not you have already purchased the software.

Registry Optimizers

Whether the software gives you compression ability for your registry or ways to remove useless Internet Explorer plugins, it is useful to have some optimizer features included in the software in addition to repair functions. Best registry cleaner software programs always offer something in addition to just repair capability.

Extensive Help Files and Support

Excellent registry cleaner software should come alongside solid enough files, such that you will always feel comfortable when using it. Despite registry repair being a simple process, it is equally important to have reference files in case you need to refer about something.

File Safety and Back Up Feature:

The best registry cleaner should provide an automated backup feature which allows a file backup to be conducted every time before registry repair is conducted This enables keeping of old files intact while doing a new repair in case you are not delighted with the previous results. It is always a great idea to keep a restore point for your files, and this is the easiest way to do so that does not require you to do it through your own computer.

Customized File Repair

A customized file repair is good if you want to repair specific files whether the software offers repair of only selected files or customized scan selection. In case the file name contains a program you do not want to tamper with, you can just deselect those files from being repaired.

If you are new to registry repair, it is good to be informed that the best registry cleaner options all are built to only remove file errors that are related to problems on the computer without tampering with the rest of the files. This will offer you peace of mind during the registry repair process.

The crucial thing is to be comfortable with the features and explanations offered during the free scan. If the software is simple and you are able to locate the qualities listed above, you will have an easy time with registry repair The best registry cleaner products will offer such options and will deliver effectiveness and ease during the process.

While looking for the best registry cleaners, it is important that you read some reviews before you download, to ensure that you get reputable software that will completely eliminate your registry problems. It is also important that the registry has a simple interface which is easy to use so that you can clean the registry without difficulty.